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Metamorphosis Healing Retreat


All the practitioners at Metamorphosis Garden emphasize that we are NOT medical or naturopathic doctors. We do NOT diagnose medical conditions nor prescribe remedies/cures for them. Nor do we do anything else which might even vaguely constitute the practice of medicine.

If you THINK you have a medical problem, or if you WANT/NEED a medical diagnosis, PLEASE consult a caring, well-intentioned, competent medical or naturopathic doctor. PLEASE consult every "world-class" medical or naturopathic specialist you can find. When you want gentle, safe, natural, pain-free and time-tested mind-body-spirit stress management-oriented holistic care, please call US!

All ritual supplies & products are sold as religious curios Only ! We can NOT guarantee the effectiveness or success of any ritual performed by you with our products.